Volkswagen Prague Marathon is one of the most prestigious marathons over the world. Marathon was awarded by the prestigious prize of quality IAAF Gold Label, highest honour for running races. It is needed to meet a number of criteria to reach IAAF Gold Labes, such as the number and quality of elite athletes participating in the race, TV broadcasting at home as well as abroad, etc. Great track records, unique tracks and extraordinary atmosphere year after year contribute to obtain this highly valued award. Race is situated directly in Prague city centre, in the hearth of the medieval city and along the most famous Czech river Vltava. Noone will forget about the first metres of the race due to the acompanying music of famous Czech composer Bedřich Smetana with his piece "Vltava". Another 20 bands will play along the track to support all participating athlets and audience as well.

Marathon offers participation in Volkswagen Prague Marathon (42,195 km), Volkswagen Prague Marathon - relay (3 x 10 km + 1 x 12,195 km), Volkswagen Prague Marathon - Team (4 x 42,195 km), the University Marathon (42,195 km), Medicare run (42,195 km), Johnson & Johnson medical run - relay (3 x 10 km + 1 x 12,195 km), rescue and security forces run (42,195 km), Marathon Championship (42,195 km), DM family Marathon (3 km) and finally even just a walk with the dogs (4.5 km).

Rich accompanying program is an undeniable part of the Volkswagen Prague Marathon for several years. There is lot of events, such as dm Family Marathon, Marathon Music Festival, Sport Expo - a fair not only about running, etc….

Place of the event:

Staroměstské nám, Praha 1, Organizátor: Prague International Marathon, spol. s r.o., Františka Křížka 11, 170 00 Praha 7, +420 224 919 209, [email protected],

Date of the event:

10. - 11.05.2014

Acommodation in Prague: