Just like in most European nations, as well as numerous countries around the world, Christmas is among the biggest and most popular holidays in the Czech Republic. Over the centuries, Czech Christmas traditions, customs and ceremonies have developed into somewhat of a cultural phenomenon.

Christmas Tree Arrives in the Center of Prague in the end of November. It is put in the stand in Old Town Square to be decorated. Last year was used 80 000 small lights, 700 flashing lights and 50 silver snowflakes to decorate the tree.

Lighting of the Christmas Tree in Old Town Square will be held at the beginning of December. Christmas trees are also lit in Ortenovo namesti, Andel or Strossmayerovo namesti and of course Prague Castle.

Traditional Christmas Markets in Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, namesti Miru, namesti Republiky, Andel and many other places start, offering candles, sparklers, nativity scenes, advent wreaths, ceramics, Christmas cards, toys, sweets, mistletoe, chocolate decorations, traditional Christmas dough decorations, etc. There are also demonstrations of traditional folk crafts - blacksmiths, glassmakers, woodcarvers and makers of holiday decorations. The traditional Czech Christmas Mass by J. J. Ryba is performed at the Old Town Square and people listen, drink mull – the hot spiced wine.

The evening before St. Nicholas Day, December 5, St. Nicholas strolls around the city, accompanied by an Angel and a Devil, visiting children and handing out presents. First, he asks the children whether they have been good and if not, they must promise they will change their behaving and be better next year.

The Czech nation also regards her as a guardian against witches. St. Lucille's Day, December 13, used to be the winter solstice according to the older Julian calendar - the most significant moment of the entire year. This is where the old Czech saying "Lucille - shortens the night, but will not extend the day." comes from.

Big tubs with live carp for sale appear in the streets of town on 20th of December. Christmas Eve and Christmas Holidays are held on December 24th & 25th and New Year's Eve celebrations on Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square with midnight fireworks on December 31st.

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